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Infant CPR

Date: (TBD September)

Where: 372 Hollandview Trail, #303, Aurora, ON

Cost: $50 per person. $90 for 2 people. $25 per person after that. 


Post Baby Pain & Discomfort

After welcoming a baby into your home, it is common to experience low pack pain, stiffness and aches and pains for all caregivers in the household. Some can be from birthing your baby and your new postpartum body, others can be from feeding your baby, carrying your baby and more. Because they are a common experience; they don’t often get the attention they deserve.

We are excited to be partnering with Dr. Katie Inwood-Roy, DC for this 1.5 workshop on common pains and discomforts after baby. During this workshop, Dr. Katie will be talking about what she commonly sees in her practice and giving you tips and tools on how to prevent the pain and discomfort as well as what you can do about those you are already experiencing. If there is time permitting, we will take a brief dive into how the caregiver can support their baby’s development in the first year of life.


September 28 from 10-11:30
Babies welcome!

$50 (*may be covered by your extended health care benefits under exercise prescription)

Location: TBD in Aurora, ON


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Who Are We
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Monthly Socials

March 8 - Indoor Valentine's Day Social in Aurora

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