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Hello, We Are Parenting From Within

The transition to parenthood can be filled with joy, love, confusion, overwhelm and pain. We do not strive to be one more voice in the already noisy world that tells you how you should and should not parent. We know that being a parent is hard. We hope that you will allow Parenting From Within to be a safe place of support for you. We are a judgement free space that offers evidenced based prenatal, birthing, postpartum, parenting and feeding information to allow you to make informed decisions throughout your parenting journey. All information and discussion will be framed from an attachment, responsive, gentle approach with an emphasis on trusting and following your instincts.


When you want to look outside yourself for answers, we will encourage you to listen to your body, be compassionate with yourself and trust your instincts. We will encourage you to look inside yourself – look within for the answers

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Kelley Hassanpour


I’m Kelley Hassanpour, a Registered Nurse in Ontario, Canada. I have worked throughout my career with infants and their families in Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the Greater Toronto Area. My time as a Nurse and as a Mom has led me to become an advocate for Maternal and Infant mental health and well being.

In 2018, I gave birth to my son. I found myself completely unprepared for how the postpartum period and journey into motherhood would change me. I was overwhelmed by everyone’s constant opinions about how I should parent. With all the noise around me I found it very hard to listen to the Mother that lived inside of me. It wasn’t until my son was 13 months old that I realized the toll that constantly fighting my instincts had taken. After 13 months I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I was diagnosed with Postpartum Anxiety and finally found a circle of support that gave me permission to listen to my instincts and believe that I was the best mother for my baby.

Parenting From Within is the resource I wish I had as I made the transition to Motherhood. My hope is that the tools, information, encouragement and comfort you find here helps to make your transition to parenthood a little smoother.


  • Registered Nurse Psychotherapist

  • Bachelor and Masers of Science in Nursing 

  • Stepping Stones Stepping Deeper 16 Week Comprehensive Course (in progress)

  • Bebo Mia: Infant & Family Sleep Professional Training (2024)

  • Stepping Stones 16 Week Comprehensive 16 Week Course (2023)

  • Certified Childbirth Educator through Douglas College (2021)

  • Foundations in Infant and Early Mental Health Practice Certificate through the SickKids Learning Institute (2021)

  • Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings: Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders, Birth and Reproductive Trauma, Perintal Grief and Loss (2022, 2023)

  • Specialized training & experience in Neonatal Intensive care

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing (RNC-NIC®) (2014)

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor though Canadian Paediatric Society (2013)

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