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Preparing for Birth & Parenthood Classes

Pregnant Woman

Preparing for Birth & Parenthood 

The birth of a child is a life changing event for both the one giving birth as well as those closest to them. The birth experience is affected by one’s belief in themselves and their body’s ability to give birth. Our prenatal classes exist to empower the one giving birth through knowledge to have the loudest voice in the room and to make informed decisions about their body and their birth experience. While maintaining a judgement free space, honest, evidenced based prenatal, birthing, postpartum and parenting information will be provided to empower parents to make informed decisions throughout their journey. All information will be framed from an attachment perspective with a deep emphasis on trusting one’s own natural instincts.

Unlike typical Prenatal Class that spend a limited amount of time on the postpartum period, our prenatal classes include two full session called “The Fourth Trimester”. Too often we hear new parents ask “why didn’t any one tell me”. During our time together we will spend time looking at the basics of newborn care but also some of the harder truths of new parenthood.

We suggest taking this series between 25-35 weeks. This is a 4 week series. 

Upcoming Classes: 

Our next group sessions will be in the fall. Registration will open in July. If you would like to be put on our waitlist please email us. 

Private sessions are also available. Please email us for details. 

Location: 372 Hollandview Trail, Aurora (inside the Midwives of York Region)


Investment: $350 (includes birther and one support person)

Private Prenatal Class (in person or virtual) are also available 

*E-mail us @ for more information and  to schedule. 

Newborn Baby

Preparing for Parenthood

Our Life With Baby Class is a 6 hour workshop designed to guide you through the transition to parenthood. We will discuss aspects of care for your baby such as diapering, bathing, newborn sleep, feeding and much more. We will also focus on your care as parents in the newborn period and explore strategies to help support you and set you up for success. This class is ideal for those expecting a baby and those who find themselves looking for a little more support during the newborn period. It is also ideal for those who have a baby joining their family but are not birthing their baby themselves, such as adoption or surrogacy.

Topics will include, how to:

  • hold a baby

  • change diapers

  • what to do for a diaper rash

  • how to dress a baby

  • bathe a baby

  • take care of baby’s skin

  • feed a baby (breastfeeding basics and basics of other feeding methods)

  • cord care

  • nail care

  • Why babies cry and how to soothe a baby

  • provide a safe environment for your baby (car seat, crib safety, swaddling)

We will also discuss:

  • Normal sleep for baby and how to support rest for the whole family

  • Perinatal Mental Health

  • How to Care for Yourself

  • Common challenges after welcoming baby

  • Community and Parenting resources to access

Location: Aurora

Next date: May 22 and 29 from 6-9pm

Investment: $175 (for 2 people)

Private Life With Baby Classes (virtual or in person) are also available 

*E-mail us @ for more information and to schedule. 

Many extended health benefit plans cover or partially cover the cost of professional services provided by a Registered Nurse (RN). Inquire with your insurance company about the details of your coverage.    


Services provided by a Registered Nurse (RN) can be claimed as a medical expense tax deduction when you file your income tax return. 

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