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Build Your Village
Education & Support Groups 

Best Friends

We developed the Build Your Village Series as a space to allow parents to build their village within their community. Parents will be introduced to other parents in their area as well as be connected with additional community supports and services. The Build Your Village Series is not a typical parents' group. Although we will look at some baby related topics, this series was designed to be about you. We will travel together through the lived experience of parenthood – the joys and wonder, but also through the hard stuff. Each week, we will discuss meaningful topics and have time to socialize and get to know other parents in the community.

When we asked parents what they needed in the early months of parenthood, one of the best responses we heard was “I needed a hug. Someone to say I was rocking it and that’s how it is to be a Mom. That I had it together even though my house looked like a tornado had run through it and my pants were on backwards”. This is what this series is designed to be. A time where we can focus on You – as a person and as a parent. A place to find support with other like-minded parents as you journey through your new life.

Each session runs for 6 weeks. Each week we will explore a topic relevant to your stage in the parenting journey and connect with each other through open and honest conversation. 

Whether you birthed your baby or if your baby came to your family though adoption or surrogacy, this group series will provide you with information to help guide your instincts and provide you with the space to meet other moms/primary caregivers in your community! 

Investment for all groups for all 6 weeks is $180. Some extended health care benefits may cover the cost of services by a Registered Nurse Psychotherapist. 

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Moving Through Early Parenthood 
Ideal for those 0-6 Months. 

This 6 week education & support group is designed for those a few months in to parenthood. Each week we will chat about meaningful topics related to this stage such as: Challenging Feelings in Parenthood, Infant Sleep, Being the "Good Enough" Parent, Introducing Solids & Teething, Perinatal Mental Health, Self Care, Attachment and Communication & Boundaries. The topics will be fluid based on the groups needs. 

Location: 372 Hollandview Trail, #303, Aurora (inside the Midwives of York Region)

Investment: $190

Upcoming Sessions: 

Spring Group STARTS MAY 3

Fridays 11-12:30

6 Weeks 

Later Infancy


Ideal for those 6-12 Month

This 6 week education & support group is designed for those nearing 1 year. Each week we will chat about meaningful topics related to this stage. Topics will include Perinatal Mental Health, Infant Sleep, Preparing for Other Caregivers, Weaning & Challenging Feelings in Parenthood, Loss of Identity, Boundaries & "Mom guilt". 

Investment: $190

Next Session: 


Starts April 29 




Starts April 30 


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Mother and Baby on Floor

Entering the Toddler Years

Ideal for those 9-18 months.

The toddler years don't have to be terrible!

During this 6 week education & support group we will help prepare you for your soon to be toddler! The topics will include: understanding your toddler's developing brains, discipline (vs. punishment), toddler sleep, your toddler's big emotions (and your own!) and promoting bodily autonomy through potty learning, eating & introducing consent. 

Investment $190

Registration closed. 

Our next groups will run in September. 

Virtual Workshop

This 5 week virtual workshop is ideal for those with children from 1-4 years old. This workshop aims to help you better understand your toddler and promote their growth and development. Topics will include the developing brain, your toddler's big emotions and how they can activate your own big emotions (and inner children!), discipline vs. punishment, toddler sleep and bodily autonomy though eating ("picky" eating, toilet learning & consent). 

Investment: $125 for 5 weeks 

May be covered by your extended health care benefits. 

May session is now closed for registration.

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Many extended health benefit plans cover or partially cover the cost of professional services provided by a Registered Nurse (RN), Psychotherapist. Inquire with your insurance company about the details of your coverage.    


Services provided by a Registered Nurse (RN) can be claimed as a medical expense tax deduction when you file your income tax return. 

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